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Native Indian American Tribes

native indan camp niaef

An early day Indian camp.....showing the culture and majesty of Native Indian Americans....

There are several hundred Native Indian Tribes with diverse languages and cultures throughout the United States. 

Tribes still in existence today are listed on this website...

native indian braves niaef

Tribal Listing


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Native American Indian Research

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List of Federally Recognized Indian Nations  
Creek Indian Nation

[ Creek Indian.Com ]  [ Creek Indian Genenology ]

Yuchi (Euchee, Uchee) Indian Nation [ Yuchi.Org ]
Seminole Indians of Florida   [Seminole Tribe.Com] [ Seminole Indian Geneology ]
Miccosukee Indians of Florida [ Miccosukee - Tribe of Indians of Florida ]
Cherokees of Central Florida  [ Central Florida Cherokee.Org ]
Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma  [ Cherokee Nation.Org ]


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